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My name is Andriy Mulyar and I am a Math and Computer Science Major at Virginia Commonwealth University. My passions include teaching, studying recreational Mathematics, programming, and Computer Science. I am the founder and developer of Gateway Math , an online service used by math educators to generate dynamic math worksheets for use in classrooms. I also hold a CAPM certification.

Projectps and Contributions

My Projects

Andriy Mulyar's Github

Gateway Math : An online service that, through a front-end web application, gives teachers and educators the ability to generate dynamic math worksheets.

SemMed-Interface : A PERL module to run graph traversal algorithms on the Semantic Medline Database

My Contributions

UMLS-Interface : A PERL module to calculate association scores betwen concepts present in the Unified Medical Language System.


Undergraduate Research in Machine Learning with Imbalanced Data: December 2018 - Present

Investigated novel combinations of skew insensitive splitting criteria and oblique splits to improve Decision Tree performance on imbalanced data.

Teaching Assistant: Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming (CMSC 256) - VCU Computer Science: December 2018 - Present

Co-Lead and facilitated weekly lab sessions with groups of 30+ undergraduate Computer Science students under Professor Debra Duke. Wrote lab activities for select course topics.

VCU Nanoinformatics FiND Project: September 2017 - Present

Collaborated on a multi-disciplinary (Computer Science and Nano-particle Engineering) team in the continued development of FiND - a Framework for Intelligent Nano Discovery. Built Machine Learning based models for recognition of Nano-particle adverse drug reactions (NER). Collaborated on, modeled, and developed a pipeline to combine the various sub-components (Document Classification, NER, etc.) of FiND into a unified system.

Gateway Math : January 2017 - Present

Set-up and configured Linux server for hosting, drafted, created, and developed website adhering to latest web development standards, conducted field research to target worksheet development work to specific areas, developed back-end PHP framework to allow users to dynamically create math worksheets.

Private Tutor: August 2016 - Present

Private tutor in Mathematics, Computer Science, Programming and Physics. Gathered clients, created lesson plans, wrote worksheets.

Research Assistant: June 2016 - October 2016

Research Assistant in the Virginia Commonwealth University Natural Language Processing Lab under Dr. Bridget McInnes. Write CPAN PERL modules for labs to utilize for literature based discovery. Gather results based on hypothesis and evaluate.

Lead Developer: March 2015 - April 2016

Solely utilized web development and java programming knowledge to develop back-end plugins (regularly handling >50 simultaneous users) and front-end scoreboards and leaderboards for the Minefrost Network. Quickly learned new development libraries and provided extensive code documentation and maintenance on plugins produced. Set up, configured MySQL databases and developed dynamic, engaging webpages to display data gathered by plugins running on the server.

Team Member/Developer: February 2016 – June 2016

Developed an Android application, "Fundit", for the Virginia Longitudinal Data System and Virginia Department of Education. Helped prepare documentation, participated in formal client meetings, and developed app. Presented application to panel of judges. Scored highly in evaluation

Fundit Web Application

Team Member/Developer: February 2015 – June 2015

Developed a web application for Virginia Longitudinal Data System and Virginia Department of Education. Helped prepare documentation, participated in formal client meetings, and developed app. Presented application to panel of judges.

Sublime Search Web Application

Team Member/Participant: February 2015

Participated in Moody’s Mega Math Challenge. Worked as in a team researching and writing a 12 page paper to solve the annual open problem. Utilized programming, mathematical, and analysis skills to draw conclusions for research question.

USA Computing Olympiad: January 2015 - Present

Advanced through bronze and silver divisions of USA Computing Olympiad. Produced optimized algorithms (involving Graphs, DP, Trees, etc.) for solving problems under a time constraint.

Mathematics Tutor and Department Assistant (Kumon): September 2015 - August 2016

Tutor students in ages ranging from 5 to 17 years old in basic through calculus level mathematics. Assist in grade entry, lesson planning, and lesson changes for over 500 students.

Capture the Flag (CTF) Contests and Programming Contests: January 2014 - Present

Tested my programming and hacking skills at several competitions including ones held at UVA, VCU, VT and General Electric (GE).

Affiliations and Awards


Virginia Commonwealth University Natural Language Processing Lab

Virginia Commonwealth University Machine Learning and Stream Mining Lab

Deep Run High School Computer Club President

Deep Run High School Computer Club Programming Lead

Mathematics National Honors Society

Computer Science National Honors Society

Awards and Achievements

2018 Deans Undergraduate Research Initiative Fellow

SANS CyberStart 2017 Scholarship

VCU Virginia Scholarship

University of Virginia HS Programming Contest 2nd Place out of 44 teams | April 2016

Virginia Commonwealth University HS Programming Contest 5th Place out of 34 teams | March 2016

University of Richmond HS Physics Competition 2nd Place out of 30 teams | April 2016

VCU, UVA, and VT HS Programming Contest Participant (6)

General Electric Ghost Red Competition Second Place | May 2015


Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

CIW Web Foundations Associate



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